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27 Mar: LSU vs Clemson – 2019-20 National Championship Game (Sample)

LSU has pushed their way into being sizable favorites after their past few weeks (Texas A&M, Georgia, Oklahoma). Our numbers were high on LSU prior to kick on these games so we weren’t having to adjust them nearly as much as others in the industry. With that said, the number here is likely a fair number at LSU -6. The sportsbooks feel like they might be trying to compensate for the previous week’s destruction handed out to books by LSU. If we had to be wagering this week we’d be looking at either a Clemson ML play or LSU covering. LSU covering still feels like it might be a little high (mainly because we don’t see a world where it ever gets to LSU -7 before Clemson money flies in to bring it back down). So, if you’re dying for a sweat the most value on the board is Clemson ML. In the event they happen to find a lead you likely have a great opportunity to buy back on LSU and hit a middle.